Bright Sheng's newest album is released on Naxos for his chamber music and piano solo works titled: A Night at the Chinese Opera. The album included Dance Capreiccio for Piano and String Quartet recorded by Shanghai Quartet and Peter Serkin; Sheng's violin and piano work A Night at the Chinese Opera featherd Weigang Li as the violinst and Sheng himself as the pianist; and Sheng's two piano solo works My Song and My Other Song written in 20 years apart recorded by Perter Serkin as the pianist. My Song was originally written for and world premiereed by Perter Serkin in 1989 at New York City. It also included Bright Sheng's 5th String Quartet "Miraculous". The album is now available to order or download at Amazon or iTunes

Bright Sheng's new album for his orchestra music The Blazing Mirage conducted by Bright Sheng and The Hong Kong Philharmonic is released on Naxos. The album now is available to order or download at Amazon or iTunes

Bright Sheng's Seven Tunes Heard in China is recently recorded by Alisa Weilerstein in her debut solo album. The album is released on October 27th. Now is available to order or download at Amazon or iTunes

Recent and Upcoming Performances

April 20, 2016

a program of three world premieres

Robert MaClure: Warning Colors
Daniel Temkin: Rising Moon
Dylan Baker: Tumultuous Voyage
Bright Sheng: violin concerto Let Fly
Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2

May 27, 2016 7:30pm.

My Other Song for solo piano

June 14, 2016
Three Fantasies

Bright Sheng conducting Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for The Intimacy of Creativity World Premiere Concert celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology April 21st. 2016

Current Project

A highly anticipated world premiere of opera Dream of the Red Chamber by San Francisco Opera.

The opera is based on the most important and popular novel in the history of Chinese literature also called The Story of the Stone, an autobiographical novel by the 18th Century writer Cao Xue Qing (曹雪芹).

An opera in two acts, music by Bright Sheng, libretto (in English) by David Henry Hwang and Bright Sheng, will be directed by award-winning director Stan Lai at San Francisco Opera House in Autumn 2016.

For more information about the opera please contact Peggy Monastra

New Opera Showcase 2016: Dream of the Red Chamber — Interview with the Creators

Intimacy of Creativity

Hailed by the Financial Times as the "city's most innovative musical experience," The Intimacy of Creativity 2016 Five Year Retrospective Concert on March 6th 2016 presented as part of the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival.

The Intimacy of Creativity in Hong Kong 2016 concert on April 21st at Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall, Open Discussions April 18-19th. on the campus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The Last Train: Bright Sheng at TEDxUofM