Newly Released CDs

The Blazing Mirage



The Blazing Mirage
The Song and Dance of Tears
Colors of Crimson

Flute Moon
for Recorder and Orchestra

Black Swan

The Stream Flows
Three Chinese Love Songs
My Song

Shanghai Overture
Never Far Away
Nightingale and the Rose
Tibetan Love Songs & Swing

Seven Tunes Heard in China
for Solo Cello

China Dreams
Two Poems from Sung Dynasty
Nanking! Nanking!

Red Silk Dance
Tibetan Swing
The Phoenix

Spring Dreams
Three Fantasies
Tibetan Dance

Flute Moon for Flute and Orchestra
China Dreams

Piano Trio
String Quartet No.3
Three Songs for Pipa and Violoncello
String Quartet No.4 "Silent Temple"

Song of Majnun
Opera in One Act

Concertino for Clarinet and String Quartet

13 Ways of Looking At the Goldberg

Flute Moon
for Flute and Orchestra