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The Most Recent performance of Shanghai Overture in September 2013, Bright Sheng had his Hong Kong premiere of this work conducted by Jaap van Zweden and the Hong Kong Philharmonic.

Dream of Red Chamber Overture (2016)

for Orchestra 为管弦乐队而作

Program Note

Dream of the Red Chamber Overture was commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony. It was premiered on September 28, 2016, Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor. The work calls for 2 flutes (both double piccolo), 2 oboes (second double English horn), 2 clarinet in Bb, 2 bassoons (second double contrabassoon), 4 horns in F, three trumpets in C, two trombones, bass trombone, tuba, timpani, 3 percussionists, harp, and strings. The work is approximately 10’.

Dream of the Red Chamber Overture was specially written for the San Francisco Symphony and it is dedicated to maestro Thomas. It is not part of the opera performance, although it is largely constructed from parts in the opera—a lyrical soprano aria and a dance from a dream sequence.

I always wondered what the result would be if I would adopt a similar concept and some of the techniques of the neo-Classical style and apply them to traditional Chinese classical or folk music. Although my approach is somewhat different from Stravinsky, I took the opportunity to explore the idea when I was asked to write a short composition for The Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

—Bright Sheng


歌劇《紅樓夢》序曲是由舊金山交響樂團委約,首演於2016年9月28日,Michael Tilson Thomas 指揮。樂隊配器:2枝長笛(均兼短笛),2枝雙簧管(第二兼英國管),2枝Bb調單簧管, 2枝大管(第二兼低音大管);4枝F調法國圓號,3枝C調小號,2枝長號,低音長號,大號;定音鼓,3位打擊樂手,豎琴,絃樂隊。

歌劇《紅樓夢》序曲是特意為舊金山交響樂團而作,並獻給該團藝術總監Michael Tilson Thomas。這首曲子並非歌劇演出的部份,而是從歌劇裡選了幾處重要的音樂重新組織而成──黛玉的《葬花詞》以及寶玉的春夢舞。